Naughty or Nice questions!

Have you played nice this year? Done some things that got you in a little bit of trouble? Did you say “Oh, that would be a perfect story for the December story slam”? We want to hear it!

So go ahead…

Get naughty and skip that family obligation, bust out your nicest Ugly Sweater and come join us at Shine!

In case you can’t quite get your brain around the “Naughty or Nice” theme, we’ve got some questions to help stir the pot…


Are you making a list and checking it twice?
Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice?

Do you have a nice haircut?
Live in a nice house?
Are you a middle-aged cougar
falling out of your blouse?

Were you a bad little girl who refused to obey?
Are you a good little boy who has been lead astray?
Did you fish without a license?
Are you involved in foul play?

(It’s only wrong if you get caught)

Are you a goody goody?
Are you Minnesota nice?
Are you courteous, kind and reverent?
Are you chicken soup and rice?

Are you nasty?

Are you a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
A snake in the grass?
A double-agent? A home-wrecker?
Are you rude? Are you crass?

Are you a con man, a black widow,
a grifter, a thief?
Are you petty and spiteful?
Do you cause your mother grief?

Do you give back to your community?
Do you stand by your an?
Do you snoop? Do you skulk? Do you steal?
Are you broad-minded and patient
Refined and genteel?

Do you mean well?

Do you play well with others?
Do you like to play rought?
Have you been spanked for the fun of it?
Are those your pick furry handcuffs?

Are you vanilla?

Ever cheat on your husband, or cheat on your wife?
Ever cheat on your taxes, or cheat on a test?
Do you play by the rules?
Do you play it close to the vest?
Are you sneaky?

Have you lied about your income? Lied about your age?
Did you ever bend over a congressional page?
Are you transgressive? Perverted?
Rebellious? Corrupt?
Is it a pleasure doing business?
Are you on the up and up?

Are you a cassanova, a gold-digger, a “whure” or a rake?
Do you love the one you’re with?
Do you get it while you can?
Do you take what you can get?

Are you good for goodness sake?

Got a story to tell?