Introducing our grand slam storytellers

ARE YOU READY?! All the best storytellers in Boulder will be facing off at our Grand Slam on February 16. OK we realize not all the best storytellers in Boulder have made it to Truth Be Told yet, but we know they’re on their way, and we know the storytellers we’ve gathered up for this event are indeed the cream of the crop. We’ll be posting photos of our ten grand slam storytellers here over the next month. Keep an eye on this page as we update it and add storytellers. Then GET YOUR TICKET and come join us on February 16.


Katherine Millersdaughter

Katherine plays at her work of teaching literature, and she works at her play of slow cooking, fast walking, and soft talking about truth, beauty, and other such ridiculous notions.  She writes daily, eats hourly, drinks secondly, and collapses every night with a shot of Sambuca in one hand and a self-help book in the other.  Finally, she parents two lovely girls and, being the worst housekeeper in the history of all housekeepers, donates quite regularly to a local, if crumbling fund that feeds an ever-growing number of adorable little mice.

John Caron

John Caron

John Caron lives curled up in 11 dimensions but has agreed to send his avatar to discuss “Transient crack propagation in asymmetric cruciform paths”. Please review chapter 6 in preparation.


Ben Becker

Ben was raised by foxes in a deep cave near Lexington KY.  He has wrestled with tame dogs. The title of his Grand Slam story is “Hand in my Lunchbox.”


Shana Cordon

On the surface, Shana Cordon is a performer, educator and coach. But behind the scenes she is a master marauder, with a weakness for bonnets and Jolly Rancher candy.


Bradley Spann

Bradley Spann is an actor-writer-storyteller who has six sisters, one brother, grew up in a motel until age 10, and had both a monkey and a raccoon as pets when he was a teenager. It kind of makes sense he is a storyteller.

heather_grimesHeather Grimes

Heather Grimes eats copious amounts of the following: olive oil, butter, walnuts and chocolate. She also only wears elastic-wasted pants (no direct correlation). You can find her at and at the elephant journal.


Sharon Glassman Lazy Person's Book Club (horizontal)Sharon Glassman

Writer/performer Sharon Glassman moved to Longmont CO (“The Brooklyn of Boulder”) from Brooklyn, NYC and adores each second of life here as a Rocky Mountain-ite/-ear. Slothful good fun: Hear Sharon and special guests entertain story fans with chapters and songs from her comic novel, “Blame It On Hoboken” at The Lazy Person’s Book Club at Shine on Sunday March 2nd at 3pm. Cubitus Delicia Est, y’all! Info at:



Vincent Montez

Vincent Montez is a compact ball of kinetic energy waiting to explode.  Good food is always a priority – especially good Mexican food; the hotter the better. He got into comedy in 2007 at an open mic night at the Comedy Works in Denver. It gave him a taste of the spotlight, and like a good taco, he found he wanted more, and has since appeared at many venues across the nation.

Image 11

Adam Hosein

Philosopher to the stars and occasional teller of poorly constructed stories.  May one day finish a memoir called “A Short Collection of Bad Dates.”