Lost & Found Questions for your story-mining enjoyment

Are you suffering from hearing loss, memory loss, unexplained hair loss?
Have you ever lost your nerve or lost your way?
Ever lost your wallet, your phone, your keys?

Lost your temper?

Your life savings? Your 401k?
Have you ever found comfort in a bottle, or in the arms of your best friend’s wife?
Have you unearthed hidden treasure?
Found a needle in a haystack, a four-leaf clover, or the meaning of life?

Are you a loser in general?

Have you been defeated?
Have you lost your will to live?
Have all your records been deleted?
Ever found a lucky penny or some magic beans?

Have you found your dream home, your dream girl,
the coolest boots, perfect-fitting jeans?

Ever misplaced one earring or one glove?

Ever fallen out of love?
Have you fallen through the cracks
Have you veered off course?
Is your train of thought elusive?
Are you tongue tied? are you hoarse?

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words?

When you lost your cookies did you also lose your mind?
Did you finally lose your virginity?  Was your credit card declined?
Have you found Jesus?
Was he behind the couch the whole time?
Have you ever found loose change between the couch cushions

Found a peanut?

Found the smoking gun?
Ever been lost in space or at sea?
Are you the wayward son?
Not all who wander are lost
Have you ever lost your shirt in a poker game?
Ever lost heart?
Ever lost face?

Ever  found a 4leaf clover?

You look great.  Have you lost weight?
Ever recovered something you didn’t know you’d missed?
Did you find the love of your life?
Or an amazing deal on Craigs list?
Are you a founding member of the foundry foundation?

Is my humor lost on you?

One of these questions has surely inspired a story in you, right? Come tell it on April 27. We’d love to hear it. Here’s the link to tickets. Hope to see you there!