Featured Storytellers for April 22nd


 Linda Klein


LINDA KLEIN grew up in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs above Denver. She has been a cherished member of the Denver comedy scene since 1993 and for the last ten years has been performing *Girls Only* to tens of thousands of women across North America.  Recently, along with her long-time creative partners know as A.C.E., Klein was tapped by the Denver Center to double down on the success of *Girls Only *with the commissioning of an immersive adventure comedy show that was produced in 2017. She is currently co-writing a new play *For the Love of George* which will be workshopped at the Denver Center’s Conservatory Theatre in May.  Klein is also an active member of Montview Presbyterian Church and her local P.E.O. chapter. When not working she can be found traveling extensively, as the waterfalls of Iceland, the beaches in Rio and the busy streets of Hong Kong will all confirm. www.LindaKlein.com


Kat Atwell


KAT ATWELL is a writer, speaker, and performer. Further, she is also a Gen-Xer, a weird mom, and an unapologetic extrovert.  She’s shared stories at Ignite Denver, The Narrators, the Denver Moth, Write Club, Mortified, and is super excited to be storytelling in Boulder for the first time.