This month’s theme is LAND.

When: September 12th @ 7pm MDT

Where: the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, CO

Tickets: $15/GA; $25/VIP guaranteed front row seating.

Get your tickets here.

We’ve got the mic. You bring the stories.

Audience members are invited to put their names in our hat. If your name is drawn, you’ll come to the stage and tell your true, five-minute story in any way related to the theme.

What happened when you LANDED the job of your dreams?
Did you and your neighbor fight over where to put the backyard fence?
Did you impress that guy by LANDING the punchline of a bad joke?
Did you break your ankle when you LANDED that back handspring?

If you don’t want the mic this time, just come listen to a great night of storytelling.

Hosted by Johanna Walker with guest co-host, Darryl Purpose, this event is sure to sell out so get your tickets early.
See you IN PERSON on September 12th!



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TEEN storytelling workshop & showcase

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Sunday, 9/12/21 7:00PM

The Dairy Arts Center
2590 Walnut St, Boulder