Featured Storytellers for 2019 Grand Slam!


Meet our Featured Storytellers for the GRAND SLAM March 3rd!


Jennifer Seriously

By day, Jennifer is a technical writer obsessed with bullet lists, concision, and linguistic consistency. By night, she fights her impulse to be a grammar pedant by attempting creative writing. She blogs regularly and has just finished writing her first young adult novel, which she hopes an agent will pick up soon. She and her grumpy, 12-year-old Finnish Lapphund, Trotsky Bear, live in Boulder but get lost in the mountains most weekends





Jeff Marsh

Jeff Marsh is a recently retired technology project manager in the Boulder metro area happily transforming his avocation of storytelling into the joyous pursuit of writing, performing and enjoying tales told.  After a 22-year hiatus, he is working his way back into telling. Of late, Jeff has been performing tales that have included personal stories, original fantasy works, classic fairytales and the short stories of several science fiction authors.  He is currently working to expand his repertoire with a collection of canine tales so people can accurately describe Jeff as going to the dogs.




Kat Atwell

Kat Atwell is a comedian and a passionate mental health advocate. She’s been fortunate enough to share stories on many Colorado stages including The Narrators, Write Club, Ignite Denver, Mortified, Open Labs, and is a Moth StorySLAM winner. She also performs with At the Barre, an all-female dance and improv troupe. You can find out more about her at katatwell.com. Huge thanks go out to Nina, Johanna, Kira, and the whole Truth Be Told crew for creating such a magical storytelling community!



Edith González

Edith González was born in Brownsville, Texas to Mexican Immigrant parents. They taught her the importance of knowing her heritage while navigating a culture foreign to their own. Edith has always sought out creative outlets from film production work to being a Bollywood hair and makeup artist. She is new to storytelling but has found anew thirst for writing and sharing poignant and sometimes embarrassing anecdotes of her life. Edith González now owns and operates a small Denver based business with her husband. In her personal time, she loves to be with her dog, cat, 6 rats and 21 tarantulas. Her neighbors wonder if she might be a witch.



Morgan MacInnis

The list of what I can do is longer than the list of what I can’t.  From fiber work to metal work, construction sites to cappuccinos, I have dabbled. There are those who have called me a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. But you see they are wrong. My name isn’t Jack, it’s Morgan.

I grew up in Boulder Valley, one the rare few who can truly call this place home.  In 2008 I moved to the Pacific North West, to make my mark on the world I guess; Spoiler Alert: Chief Niwot’s Curse is totes a real thing. While I was living in Olympia Washington I stumbled into a story slam the way one chooses a piece of chocolate from a box to which they’ve lost the sheet that tells you what all the flavors are, not knowing what to expect but not entirely disappointed with the result.  I guess we can draw a straight line from there to here.


Renee Weisinger

A 3rd generation NYC- grown girl, happily transplanted in Boulder, Renee is still exploring how many passions she can pursue until she grows up! Painted, published, performed and panicked (over her story title!), she commits to alliterations with more tenacity than any single career-path. In between running her successful Airbnb and sharing Hemp oil with the cannabinoid crazed masses, she enjoys all things Colorado, music, art, friends and family with the voracious gusto of a lifelong foodie. Mantra: Bite life in the ass keeping visible bruising to a minimum!




Dory Johnson

When Dory Johnson was little she liked to ham it up with her friends & pretend she was in a rock band… that looked like standing on top of a rock and strumming on a tennis racket and singing on a hairbrush taped to a mop. But since she never actually learned to play the guitar (even though she was given 2 guitars) or start a band,  she instead became a photojournalist and a portrait photographer opening Olac photography for 16 years watching people and listening to them express themselves. This is carried over into her skin care business- Skin Care with Dory- where she encourages people to take care of their skin and love what they see. 




Amanda McCracken

Amanda McCracken is a freelance writer. Her writing combines her passion for athletics, communication, travel, the human body, and connecting with people. A few of the places she’s been published include The New York Times, The Washington Post, Elle, ESPN, Runner’s World, and Outside. Her writing has landed her interviews with Katie Couric and Huffington Post radio. Amanda is also a massage therapist, triathlon coach, and a competitive athlete. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She loves eating peanut butter by the spoonful, traveling on a train through France, running trails in the mountains, and swapping stories with her grandmas.



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Featured Storyteller for November 11th


Mark Collins

Mark Collins is an actor, musician, journalist and house painter who lives in Denver. For 10 years he served as theater critic and arts writer for the Boulder Camera. As an actor he has performed on stages in Boulder County, Denver, Aurora and beyond. You can see him in “Casa Valentina” at the Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton in January.






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Featured Storyteller for September 9th


Laura Condi

Born and raised in California, Laura Condi began performing at 18, with a background in stand-up and improv comedy and storytelling. When she transplanted to Colorado in 2015, she was eager to get into storytelling and thusly produced her own show with the Denver Storytellers Project called Storycraft. The show was a success in storytelling, but Laura mostly began it to find friends here in Colorado.It worked! You may have seen her on Denver’s The Narrators, or Write Club at Syntax Physic Opera. When she’s not performing she’s managing a pack of loveable and awesome hair stylists in Arvada.






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Featured Storytellers for June 24th


Barbara Gehring

Barbara Gehring was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Ms. Gehring’s professional career of 23 years as an actress has run the gamut from stage to screen to commercial to voice work, which has made her one of the busiest actresses in the Denver market. A veteran of improv, sketch comedy and theatre, she is also the co-creator, playwright and actress in the national hit show, The Secret Comedy of Women- Girls Only.® and has dazzled audiences nationally with her energetic performances. Alongside her long-time creative partners known as A.C.E., she was commissioned by the DCPA to create an immersive adventure comedy, Travelers of the Lost Dimension which was produced in 2017. Most recently, her new play, For the Love of George, was workshopped at Denver Center’s Conservatory Theatre. She is also a 4th degree black belt and teaches Okinawan karate and kobudo at her studio Iwa Dojo in Broomfield. When not performing on stage or on camera, she can be found playing in the sandbox of life with her children Isabella and Gavin and her playmate for life, Paul.  www.BarbaraGehring.com


Kate Jonuska

Kate Jonuska is a Colorado native and DU creative writing grad who went into journalism after college to pay the rent. She has since collected a decade of experience writing magazine and newspaper features for outlets like the Denver Post, the Daily Camera, The (Colorado Springs) Gazette and Boulder Magazine, specializing in food, fitness, travel, and arts and entertainment. Her passion, however, has always been for story – specifically fiction. With a writing style best described as Margaret Atwood meets Amy Schumer, Kate’s short fiction was nominated for a 2015 Pushcart Prize, and her first novel, the dark comedy Transference, published in 2017. Keep up with kate at www.katejonuska.com or on Twitter @kjonuska.




Michael Ensminger

Michael is an artist and photographer who was born and raised in Germany. After graduating from high school he moved to the US and graduated from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs.  Thirty years ago he made his home in a grungy industrial part of downtown Denver that some people had trepidations about visiting. He still lives and works there, but now it’s in the heart of what is called the RiNo District. In his case, the mountain actually did finally come to Muhammad! You can check out some of Michael’s stuff at michaelensminger.com.





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Featured Storytellers for April 22nd


 Linda Klein


LINDA KLEIN grew up in the small mountain town of Idaho Springs above Denver. She has been a cherished member of the Denver comedy scene since 1993 and for the last ten years has been performing *Girls Only* to tens of thousands of women across North America.  Recently, along with her long-time creative partners know as A.C.E., Klein was tapped by the Denver Center to double down on the success of *Girls Only *with the commissioning of an immersive adventure comedy show that was produced in 2017. She is currently co-writing a new play *For the Love of George* which will be workshopped at the Denver Center’s Conservatory Theatre in May.  Klein is also an active member of Montview Presbyterian Church and her local P.E.O. chapter. When not working she can be found traveling extensively, as the waterfalls of Iceland, the beaches in Rio and the busy streets of Hong Kong will all confirm. www.LindaKlein.com


Kat Atwell


KAT ATWELL is a writer, speaker, and performer. Further, she is also a Gen-Xer, a weird mom, and an unapologetic extrovert.  She’s shared stories at Ignite Denver, The Narrators, the Denver Moth, Write Club, Mortified, and is super excited to be storytelling in Boulder for the first time. 


Featured Storytellers for February’s Grand Slam!


Meet our Featured Storytellers for the GRAND SLAM February 25th!


Yvonne Healy

Yvonne Healy’s personal stories share moments of deep emotion through a wry, politely Midwestern lens. She is the former president of the National Storytelling Network. 








Jordan Rukin-Forer

Jordan Rukin-Forer lived in London, England with his family for 5 years before moving back to the US at the age of 5.  In 2015, when he was 11,  he took a year-long trip traveling around the US with his mom and brother via an Airstream trailer.  As a young entrepreneur, he started a small business making walking sticks. While traveling through Steamboat Springs, Jordan was introduced to improv and hasn’t looked back since.  He writes his own music for acoustic guitar, which he also plays. He is an avid soccer player and loves playing tricks on people while out and about in Boulder, CO, his new and beloved home. 




Heather Grimes

Heather Grimes is a licensed massage therapist who works primarily with (and finds much inspiration from) folks who have Alzheimer’s and dementia.  She is also an essayist who has written for Mindful, Mindful.org, and Elephant Journal.

She has been involved with the Boulder County Foster system since 2014, first as a foster parent and now as a volunteer. She loves walking under leafy trees, playing board games with her crew, and all kinds of dance.  This year she will attempt to learn how to play the guitar and speak Spanish for the 10th year in a row.  She lives in Louisville with her husband and two vibrant (though in very different ways) young daughters.


George Washington

In 2003, George began voicing with a trip to a local recording studio to do some narration bits for a First Union National Bank industrial. The gig stirred his imagination, and he began the research and practice to make his first demos. Working with sources both local and national, new opportunities came over time, and he started working on projects as small as phone messaging to as large as national ad campaigns.

Since that time, George has provided voice over services in documentaries, video games, radio and television commercials, in-store announcements, marketing on hold, websites and web ads, virtually every aspect of the voice-over industry. His voice has represented companies like McDonald’s, Courtyard by Marriott, Nike,  Gatorade, Time Warner Cable, and Lowe’s Home Improvement.  George has called Charlotte home since 1998 with his daughters Grace, Naomi and Ella,  and his son Jordan.


Brenton Weyi

Brenton Weyi, often called the Modern Voltaire, uses the power of words to cultivate humanity. As a philosopher, poet and polymath, he writes essays that blend the poetic and historical in order to examine the beautiful struggle of the human experience. He also writes/performs his own unique style of narrative poetry that borrows from Greek and classical forms.

He has traveled to over 55 countries, connecting communities through the power of story and the arts. He is also a member of Playback Theatre West, which builds community through the potency of narrative. It’s Brenton’s belief that life is philosophical, moral, psychological, artistic, and so much more. And it is in drawing connections between these areas that truth can be found.


Mark Zoole

Mark grew up in St. Louis as the middle child of five, with two older sisters and two younger sisters. He attended Antioch College in Ohio and the Eberhard-Karls University in Tubingen, Germany, as an undergrad, then went to law school at Washington University St. Louis. He later taught appellate practice and civil rights law at Wash. U. and coached the school’s moot court team for two decades. As an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives in 2008, Mark garnered the second-highest vote total that any Dem had ever achieved in a heavily Republican district. He began spending most of his time in Denver in 2013 but still keeps a law office in St. Louis. Mark loves occasional ventures into community and regional theater, doing Fireball shots with friends and strangers, skiing, playing the flute, and most of all his son, Sam, and his wife, Renee.



Jeremy Leonard

I learned to tell stories from a father. Being involved in Texas politics, every account of his day at the Legislature lay somewhere between truth, lies, and exaggeration. Sitting around campfires with friends and a boot flask of bourbon for much of my life helped me hone my own storytelling skills. For the last several decades, I have managed digital marketing agencies helping brands tell their stories to consumers. Unfortunately, most of those stories ended up as “buy one get one free” or “endless enchiladas”. I now work directly with brands helping them build out their own in-house agencies. For stories to resonate with consumers, they must be authentic, genuine and well lived. Professionally, I have found that no one can tell an advertiser’s story better than the advertiser themselves. Now I find myself trying to tell compelling stories in both my personal and professional life; in each case I strive to make an intellectual and emotional connection with my audiences – whether for a smile or for a paycheck.



Dan Curtiss

Dan Curtiss is a designer in Boulder who knows not to pet animals backward.

If you ask him to sing a song, he’ll do it.








Hal Walker

Hal Walker is a singer, a songwriter and a musical explorer from Kent, Ohio.  As a teaching artist, he has introduced thousands of children to the lifelong search for unique ways to express the music that’s within each of us.  He’s the developer of the modern day “Banakula” and also a highly effective, whole-body approach to learning the harmonica. His most popular video on Youtube, with over 3 million views, is “How to Play the Ancient Hand Whistle.” Also, Hal Walker is the music director of the Unitarian-Universalist Church of Kent.  



Featured Storytellers for October 29th


Cory Byrom 

Cory Byrom is a writer and storyteller from Denver. He’s written for Pitchfork, Huffington Post, SheKnows, Stereogum, Paste, and many more publications both online and in print.

Back in his hometown of Atlanta he hosted and curated a monthly storytelling show called The Iceberg. More recently he ran the podcast Unknown Caller, which featured anonymous stories recorded via voicemail.

He’s told stories at RISK! and The Narrators, as well as many shows back in Atlanta. Currently he is a co-producer and co-host of WRITE CLUB Denver, a monthly literary competition that pits writers against one another reading pieces on opposing ideas in a literary deathmatch.

Featured Storytellers for September 10th

Gabriella Cavallero

Gabriella Cavallero is an actor, director, voice and dialect specialist, teacher, and coach. A long-time actor at the Denver Center Theatre Company, she played a wide range of roles for twenty-five seasons. Most recently, she appeared in two of Quiara Alegria Hudes’ trilogy at Curious Theatre: Elliot, A Soldier’s Fugue and Water by the Spoonful. Gabriella has also appeared on the stages of the Arvada Center,Theatreworks, Aurora Fox, Stories on Stage, and Modern Muse. She has narrated nearly 1000 audio books for the Library of Congress’ National Library Service, is a lead coach on voice and presentation for ARTiculate: Real & Clear, and she is the Dialect and Movement coach for Arvada’s Black Box Repertory Company.




Rachel Trignano

Rachel’s poetry, fiction, and essays have been featured in NPR affiliate WABE’s Storytellers and City Lights series, Saul Williams’ Chorus: A Literary Mixtape, the City of Atlanta’s Elevate public art program, and several print anthologies. For four years, she ran operations and marketing for Atlanta’s Loose Change Literary Magazine, and is a co-founder of the Denver chapter of WRITE CLUB, a competitive literary performance show that raises money for charity. Rachel has been performing her writings since 2010 because she likes connecting with an audience and thinks her work is better said than read. In Rachel’s day-to-day life, she is a communications consultant and publicist, but please don’t hold that against her.  

(photo credit: Jim Darling Photography)

Featured Storyteller for April 24

Meet our Featured Storyteller for April 24th!


Create Wealth Doing What You Love

Myka McLaughlin


Myka McLaughlin founded WINC (Women In Community) to help women entrepreneurs – especially artists, healers and creative types – translate their passion into a profitable business that actually makes money for them and their families.
After proving WINC’s model in Boulder, Colorado, WINC is now serving women across the US and internationally, and is expanding its live programming to NYC, LA and San Francisco. Myka graduated with distinction from the University of Colorado with a degree in Economics and International Affairs.

Featured Storytellers for February’s Grand Slam!

Meet our Featured Storytellers for the GRAND SLAM February 21st!


alanaAlana Eve Burman

Alana Eve Burman is a Co-Founder of the Boulder International Fringe Festival, owner of JoyLife Therapeutics, a nationwide massage and wellness business, mother, actor, director, producer, musician, visual artist, administrator, graphic designer, massage therapist, swing dancer, chocolate maker, collector of waterproof blue objects and oh, so much more!




cooperCooper Braun

Cooper Braun was born in Boulder, Colorado. He grew up without a television and so found a love for storytelling from records and cassette tapes. Drawn to performance and theater from a young age, Cooper started as an actor, has a BA in Theater from Union College and has been working as a professional theater technician the last nine years. Returning to the world of live storytelling two years ago he now co-hosts the Boulder Story Circle, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Storytelling advisory board. He performs regularly in Longmont and Boulder. He makes up one half of the storytelling duo Stories with Spirit.



Joseph LoganJoseph Logan

Joseph Logan works with extraordinary leaders and teams. His coaching and team development work focuses on entrepreneurs and executives with world-changing ambition and grit. Joseph has worked with companies on five continents to build the courage, insight, and tenacity to remake the status quo. He has spoken at TEDxBoulder, Philanthropy Southwest, and Colorado Nonprofit Day. He is the author of Seven Simple Steps to Landing Your First Job and the forthcoming Heretic: How Extraordinary Misfits Change the Rules and Change the World.



KitProfilePicKit Marcy

Once upon a time, Kit Marcy was an author, a photographer, and a lighting designer. He danced the role of the Rat King in Boulder Ballet’s “Nutcracker.” He even co-created Frequent Flyers Productions Nutcracker parody, “The Ratcracker.” Now, he pops popcorn and pushes play at the Boedecker Theater, in the Dairy Arts Center. His one-man story-telling show, “Coloring My Time Sheet,” won the coveted Encore Performance for its venue in last year’s Boulder International Fringe Festival.


LoisLois Shannon

Lois Shannon is the founder of The Woman’s Network (www.thewomansnetwork.com) an organisation she created after feeling a deep disconnection with herself as a woman. It’s a resource where women come together to unwind unconscious patterns and reclaim their sovereignty and worth. She is a certified Mindfulness facilitator from UCLA Semel Institute and a trained facilitator of Trauma Constellations in London. She has worn many hats over her lifetime, giving her a unique insight to the many roles we play as women. She had a successful business career and was highlighted in the Wall Street Journal in 1999 as one of the top 30 Business Women in Europe. She then left her high performance job in London to become a full time mother living in the South of France. Lois has been an avid explorer over her lifetime, traveling across all continents. After almost 20 years living in Europe, she now lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and three teenage children.


Mare Trevathan headshotMare Trevathan

Mare Trevathan has performed Inupiat folk tales in Barrow, Alaska; stage managed dance-theatre in Tokyo; and studied Chekhov in Vladivostok, Russia. Colorado tamed her wanderlust and has been her home since 2001.  She was a member of Curious Theatre Company for many years, and is now the Associate Artistic Director of LOCAL Theater Company in Boulder.  Most frequently, Mare works as a theater director and audiobook narrator. Recent directing credits include “Choose Your Life,” an anti-bullying show for 3-6 grade audiences produced by Kaiser Permanente and “SWEAT,” an improvised musical on bikes for the Denver Center’s Off-Center at the Jones program. With Stories on Stage, Mare tours Boulder area middle and high schools with a teen suicide prevention program. In 2015 she performed in WITTENBERG at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, she played a confused angel in FAITH with LOCAL.


Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor was transplanted to Colorado from the small sailing village of Itchenor, England. He has been a professional actor, award-winning author, storyteller, and humorist for the last 25 years, working throughout the U.S. and internationally. His recently published book GoatLips: Tales of a Lapsed Englishman is the 2015 Independent Publishers Book Awards gold medal winner for humor, and a National Indie Excellence Awards finalist. He is a Moth Story Slam two-time winner, and founder of Persuasion through Narrative, a company that helps to make stories matter.

Matthew loves to bike, ski, sail, and is proud to be a husband and a father of two fabulous children (who continually keep him on his toes and laughing constantly).


MeridithMeridith C. Grundei

Meridith C. Grundei is an actor, director, educator and improviser who has performed all over the United States. She presently lives near Boulder, CO with her husband, daughter, stepdaughter, cat, dog and chicken.  Meridith holds an M.F.A. in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, is a proud member of The Catamounts in Boulder, CO, and owns her own company, Red Ball Speaks, where she coaches professionals on public speaking, presentation skills and creative team communication.


<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-3301″ src=”http://storyslamboulder.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/nancylefthandout try here.jpeg” alt=”nancylefthandout” width=”254″ height=”240″ />Nancy Norton

Nancy Norton has toured nationally and internationally as a standup comedian since 1991 headlining clubs, colleges, cruises and USO tours.  She is also a Registered Nurse whose healthcare anecdotes that will leave you in stitches… and really wanting to stay out of the hospital.

You may have seen her on various comedy showcases over the years, from doing standup on “Evening at the Improv” on A & E, to her one-woman show, “The Yellowish-Green Girl” on PBS and most recently featured on Nickmom Night Out on Nickelodeon.


paula2Paula Jayne Friedland

Paula Jayne Friedland is a certified life coach, licensed counselor, public speaker, and corporate trainer. Additionally, she teaches a humanistic form of public speaking called, “Speaking Circles”, as well as co-leading a group practice called, “Soul Speaks”, a transformational experience that allows people to deepen their ability to speak from the heart and share their voices more powerfully and authentically in the world.

Before entering the counseling/coaching field, Paula spent 13 years as an actress and singer, pursuing theatre in New York City. She continues to do theatre here in Colorado in various arenas, which includes doing her own shows. She has co-written and performed 3 original Stephen Sondheim revues, as well as a one-woman show called, “Aging—The Musical”* (*this hasn’t enabled her to get younger, unfortunately, but at least it was a fun way to vent her grumblings about it.)


tracibrownTraci Brown

Traci is a Body Language and Unconscious Persuasion Expert. She is a frequent guest on local and national TV shows decoding body language of celebrities, politicians and those involved in current events. She even trains lawyers how to pick and persuade a jury based on body language.

Additionally, Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA.

Traci is the president of the National Speaker’s Association Denver Chapter. She’s the author of two books, Body Language Confidential and Body Language for Profits. She holds a business degree from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna. www.BodyLanguageTrainer.com



Featured Storytellers for November 1

Meet our Featured Storytellers for November 1st!


Traci Brown

Traci is a Body Language and Unconscious Persuasion Expert. Through dynamic presentations she assists groups across all industries learn the tools to hear “Yes!” more easily and more often.

Traci is a frequent guest on local and national TV shows decoding body language of celebrities, politicians and those involved in current events. She even trains lawyers how to pick and persuade a jury based on body language.

Traci is a high-content, high energy speaker who is sure to motivate, educate and entertain at your next meeting. She enjoys using the body language and unconscious persuasion skills she teaches in her presentations in all sorts of business negotiations, with personal clients and has even adapted the skills to talk herself out of an embarrassing number of traffic tickets.

Additionally, Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA.

Traci is the president of the National Speaker’s Association Denver Chapter. She’s the author of two books, Body Language Confidential and Body Language for Profits. She holds a business degree from the University of Colorado and is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistics, Hypnosis and Hawaiian Huna. www.BodyLanguageTrainer.com


Heather Grimes

Heather Campbell Grimes

Heather is an essayist, blogger, stage performer and devoted mama.
She has written dozens of articles for elephantjournal, hundreds of personal essays for her various blogs and has been published in Mindful magazine.
Her stage credits include Johanna Walker’s Fearless Solos 2012, first place winner at the very first installment of Truth-Be-Told 2013, FEED (a production of Catamounts in Boulder) 2013,
and Listen To Your Mother 2014.
For further investigation, you may see her website: www.hcgrimes.org

Featured Storytellers for September 12

Meet our Featured Storytellers for September 12th in Boulder!

Ann Harding

Rachel Ann Harding

Rachel Ann Harding is a teller and singer of a wide variety of folk, myth and traditional tales. She received her BA from Naropa University in interdisciplinary studies where she wrote her thesis on storytelling and child development. She traveled to Ireland to study with the international storyteller Liz Weir and fell in love with “once upon a time”. She is on the board of Rocky Mountain Storytellers and is a tour guide for Fort Collins Tours where she gives spine tingling ghost tours on the weekends. She and Cooper Braun run Stories with Spirit which produces storytelling events featuring traditional stories for adults.





Alana Eve Burman

Alana Eve Burman is a Co-Founder of the Boulder International Fringe Festival, owner of JoyLife Therapeutics, a nationwide massage and wellness business, mother, actor, director, producer, musician, visual artist, administrator, graphic designer, massage therapist, swing dancer, chocolate maker, collector of waterproof blue objects and oh, so much more!

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