Featured Storytellers for October

We are beyond excited about our Featured Storytellers for the upcoming October slam. We’ve got Eryc Eyl, also known as DJ Savior Breath; Dee Covington, founding member of Curious Theater Company in Denver; and Nancy Norton, standup comedian. We’re delighted to welcome them to the Truth Be Told stage. Read more about them here. (more…)

August Featured Storytellers

We have 3 featured storytellers for the upcoming slam on August 17: Chris Barnett and Reinhold Gras are coming in from San Francisco to go up against the Long Tall Longmontian Jim Walker and whichever other brave souls put their names in the hat!

PLUS: Our musical guests this month are Kevin Crouse (of Grupo Chegando Lá fame!) and Sharon Glassman, known for her work with Jojo and The Terrier Squad, as well as the trio Full Fat Vanilla. So much fun playing music with these two!


June’s Featured Storytellers

Introducing our featured storytellers for the June slam. We’ve got some great tellers in store for you! Here they are…


April’s featured storytellers

We ‘re about halfway between the last slam and the next slam and, we’re very excited to kick off another year of storytelling. When we booked the April date ten weeks after the Grand Slam, we didn’t realize how much we’d miss you. But we do. We miss you. And we’re excited to hear your tales of LOST AND FOUND on April 27. (more…)

Introducing our grand slam storytellers

ARE YOU READY?! All the best storytellers in Boulder will be facing off at our Grand Slam on February 16. OK we realize not all the best storytellers in Boulder have made it to Truth Be Told yet, but we know they’re on their way, and we know the storytellers we’ve gathered up for this event are indeed the cream of the crop. We’ll be posting photos of our ten grand slam storytellers here over the next month. Keep an eye on this page as we update it and add storytellers. Then GET YOUR TICKET and come join us on February 16. (more…)

Featured Storytellers for December:

We’re so excited to announce our featured storytellers for December’s upcoming slam. We’ve got an actual Santa Claus who will call your kid and calm all her doubts about whether or not Santa really exists. We’ve got a badass theater maker and all around smarty pants. And maybe one more we’re still workin on. What d’ya think? Are they gonna be naughty or are they gonna be nice? (more…)

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