Joan Janice “In Denver you can get away with ANYthing”

Armed with some brand new clothes sent by a friend, a hat, and some lipstick, Joan headed out in Denver feeling like a million bucks.

Turns out it wasn’t quite the outfit she thought it was.  Listen here to find out how she got away with it in Denver, Colorado. 

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT. 


Rhett Tavernetti “Haunted House”

One night during Halloween, Rhett was convinced to visit a haunted house by a bunch of his friends.

Once inside, they heard the sound of heavy breathing. Listen to how tense it got inside as they searched for the source of the scary noises.

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.

Vanessa Tavernetti “Run Away”

Vanessa sees ghosts.   Seriously.

Listen to her story of a fabulous encounter she had in an apartment she moved into during college.

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.

Susan Ribnick “The Chandelier Bra and the Lamp Whisperer of Queens”

Once a skinny tomboy, Susan Ribnick waited a long time to buy her first bra.  Years later, after a scary diagnosis, Susan’s life was changed when she was asked to model a bra to raise money for a breast cancer resource center fundraiser. 

Listen to Susan’s story as she explains how she took her mosaic art experience and helped to create a spectacular piece to model. 

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT. 

Andrew Newman “Paws and Claws”

Andrew tells a story of a sweet black and white cat that lived in a yoga center and greeted the visitors as they passed through.

This cat had some tricks up her sleeve to entertain the guests while they were doing yoga. She had some tricks up her sleeve after she passed on too.  Listen to Andrew’s story to find out how this mischievous cat hung around even after she was cremated.

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.


Yvonne Healy “The Present”

Yvonne Healy won second place during October’s story slam.

You won’t want to miss her story about an unwanted present she received while working in a restaurant in NYC. Click below to listen.

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.

Dan Curtiss “Playing a Trick on my Date”

Dan Curtiss was the FIRST PLACE WINNER during October’s story slam at the Dairy Arts Center.

Dan planned a clever trick on a woman he was trying to impress. Listen to find out how his ploy worked out.

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.

Heather Grimes “Gingerbread Falls”

Life changing events come along when you least expect it.

Heather Grimes won 2nd place at Truth Be Told’s September story slam with her story about how her Gingerbread House got crushed, but not her spirits.

Click on her photo below to find out why!

The theme of the slam was “FALL”.

Kit Hedman “Swimming at 10 thousand feet”

During a trip from sea level to 10K feet, Kit goes for a swim while on a high, which turns into a mixed experience of panic and laughter.

Hear his story that he shared in September at Shine.

The theme of the night was FALL.

Rachel Trignano “When Spirit Animals Attack”

Have you ever wanted to hear about someone’s experience with their spirit animal?

Listen to Rachel Trignano share how her scary spirit animal taught her about life during Truth Be Told’s story slam in September.

Rachel was one of the featured storytellers of the night. 

The theme was FALL.

Gabriella Cavallero “When Weapons Falter”

Gabriela Cavallero shares a story of a slippery performance of “A Christmas Carol.”

Listen here to find out what messy situation caused actors to slip all over the stage.

Gabriela was one of the featured storytellers during September’s story slam at Shine in September.

The theme was FALL.

Dan Curtiss “Wedding Party”

Listen to this story about how Dan met a woman at a party, fell in love and then, with one phone call, had it all slip away.

Dan told this story during September’s story slam.

The theme was FALL.

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