Kim Marie “A steeply pitched story of self-empowerment”

Kim Marie shares a story about what SHOULD have been a routine surgery to repair a hernia.

This one surgery sent Kim on an unexpected journey fighting high bills, a surgery that didn’t go as she thought, and other issues with her body.

There was some good news and lots of challenges along the way.

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Cara Mentzel “The Mesa”

Cara Mentzel made a tradition of camping with her kids every summer, even though she didn’t really know what she was doing.  One summer, during a trip to Mesa Verde, Cara discovered that motherhood has its limits. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Kit Marcy “Enjoy Every Sandwich”

Kit Marcy worked as a stagehand for a living, where he got to work with lots of musicians.  

He learned some wisdom along the way, including some simple words from the likes of Warren Zevon, that have stayed with him to this day. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Renee Weisinger “Pitch and Puck”

Renee Weisinger shares her experience as a reluctant participant at a hockey game where she got a LOT more than she bargained for during the game. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Michael Ensminger “Spit”

Michael Ensminger’s relationship with his Dad was complicated and impactful on his life. 

As a young adult, Michael made a split second decision to do something rash at the dinner table that only many years later he realized was actually a blessing. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Cheri Felix “Shut the front door”

Cheri Felix went to live with her dad in Southern California when she was 17.  

It was hot in July in Southern California so her Dad left the front door open for some air flow. Listen to the video below to hear Cheri reveal what else came through that door beside the air.  

The theme of the night was PITCH. 



Kate Jonuska “Cool girl on a bike”

A motorcycle, an epic rainstorm and an epiphany.  These are all elements in Kate Jonuska’s story that she shared on stage in June at the Dairy Arts Center.  Kate was one of the Featured Storytellers on stage during June’s slam. 

Click below to hear Kate’s story of independence and feminism. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Laura Deal “Hurricane Beth”

Laura Deal is on stage at the Dairy Arts Center sharing her story of her family taking a ferry during a hurricane.

The theme of the night was PITCH. 



Barbara Gehring “The test of time”

Barbara Gehring shares a sweet story about a clock that appears to have lost its ability to tick-tock until someone unexpected discovers a way to make it right again. 

Barbara was a Featured storyteller during the June slam and won 2nd place. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Edith Gonzalez “Chunks”

Edith Gonzalez shares her hysterical story about giving her new boyfriend a haircut after eating a substantial Thanksgiving meal.  

Listen to hear how it ended.  Edith was the WINNER at June’s story slam at the Dairy Arts Center. 

The theme of the night was PITCH.

Marrakech Maxwell “Goner”

Marrakech overestimated herself when she was ten years old when she went with some friends camping. Find out what happened on her day hike with her friends up a steep trail that came to an end. 

The theme of the night was DIRT.

Renee Weisinger “The Evolution of Dirt”

In 1975, Renee lived in San Diego and was in the third grade. 

Click on the video below to find out how Renee became Wonder Woman on one hot and sticky day when she was at recess and heard a scream.

The theme of the night was DIRT.

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