Mark Zoole “Mardi Gras near miss”

Mark Zoole shares a story of a series of ‘near misses’ during an exciting trip to New Orleans as a young man.

Tune in to hear about the impact those near-misses have had on Mark’s perspective on life.

The theme of the night was “BLUE”.

Johanna Walker “When your housemate plants lavender in the kale bed”

Johanna shares a powerful story of her new housemate, illness, and a deep connection that goes beyond the dirt in the garden.

The theme of the night was DIRT.

George Washington “Deep Blue”

George Washington had very little experience with the ocean. 

Click on the video below to hear about his experience with swimming for the first time in the deep blue waters of Hawaii. 

The theme of the night was “BLUE”. 

Hal Walker “Out of the Blue”

Hal shares a story about a harrowing experience getting washed away in the waves on Kauai.
Hear his riveting story about the terror of being stuck far out in the ocean amongst sharp, black lava rocks.
The theme of the night was BLUE.

Doug Jones “When Dad got me”

Doug Jones shares a story about emcee’ing at his Dad’s funeral and the story he shared about his Dad’s sense of humor. 

The theme of the night was DIRT.

Dan Curtiss “A Blue Sky in the Morning”

Dan tells a story about a friend who asked him to go storm chasing.

Click on the video below if you want to hear the hysterical story of how he ended up storm chasing in just his underwear.

The theme of the night was BLUE.

Jordan Rukin-Forer “The Right Temperature”

Jordan Rukin Forer told a story at the Grand Slam Championship about a time he took a shower and had a typical teenage thought, which he shared with his brother. Or so he thought.

Listen here to what happened when he realized he might have over-shared with the wrong person. 

The theme of the night was BLUE.

Jeremy Leonard “Four life lessons in a wall of water”

Jeremy shares his story about his experience in 1977 as a boy scout. 

Listen here to learn how the troop’s camping trip didn’t quite turn out the way the scouts were thinking and the powerful life lessons Jeremy walked away learning. 

The theme of the night was BLUE. 

Linda Klein “Big, Black and Heavy”

Linda Klein, one of the Featured Storytellers at the April story slam at Decadent Saint Winery, shares her story “Big, Black, and Heavy”.  

The theme of the night was DIRT.


Yvonne Healy “Lipstick for Courage”

Yvonne won SECOND PLACE at February’s Grand Slam competition sharing her story about her job search during the summer of 1974.

Hear her tell the story of what was required to wear during the 70’s when trying out for a dancing job in Boston and what lessons she learned about the hidden costs when making decisions. 

The theme of the Grand Slam was BLUE.

Brenton Weyi “Baby Blue”

Brenton Weyi, the WINNER from February’s GRAND SLAM, shares his powerful story about the strong bond between brothers, and about connection and loss. 

Listen to this story to discover what lessons can be learned through the sorrows of life and what can be gained. 

The theme of the night was “BLUE”.

Johanna Walker “I don’t know”

Johanna posed a simple question to her dying father, which elicited a profound answer.

Johanna shares the riveting story about how she realized the beauty and gift of his answer after he died.  

The theme of the night was TRICK OR TREAT.


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