How It Works

  • Check the website for the theme of the night. Dig for, craft and PRACTICE telling your story. (see “storytelling tips” for tips on delivering a kickass story!)
  • Did we say practice? Please, practice! Believe us it will make a huge difference. Tell it while driving, tell it to a friend, tell it to your plants, tell it before you fall asleep. Make sure it’s under five minutes because we WILL cut you off at five minutes, and we don’t want to miss the end of the story!
  • When you arrive, put your name in the hat. (Cross your fingers that your name gets picked!)
  • Seven lucky storytellers will come to the stage and wow us with their tales. (We’re inviting three featured storytellers; the rest will be random) (If you don’t get picked, don’t worry–you likely can rearrange your story for the next theme!)
  • We’ve been experimenting with different ways of selecting the winning story. Come find out how we’re gonna do it next time!
  • Stories will be judged on how deftly you engage with the theme, sticking to the time limit, but mostly on telling a darn good story with a conflict, a resolution, a little suspense, and a few juicy details.
  • Winners of the year-long series will be featured in an ALL-STAR SLAM on March 3, 2019  


March 3: All-Star Grand Slam at The Dairy Arts Center, THEME: FINE
June : The Dairy Arts Center, THEME: TBD

Themes subject to change!