Welcome to the Truth Be Told website, where you can find information about our bi-monthly (that means every other month) story slam in Boulder, Colorado — as well as storytelling tips, photos, videosworkshops and coaching.

Here’s how it works:

We give you the theme. You bring a story. Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart. Put your name in the hat if you have a story. If your name gets picked, you come to the stage to tell a story. We can’t wait to hear your story!

Truth Be Told began in February of 2013. We started it because we wanted to create an ongoing performance series in Boulder that features great stories well-told. We also wanted to build a community of fellow storytellers and story lovers to help bring more stories into the world and onto the stage.

So, welcome to the community! We’re excited to meet you. If you’re not already on the mailing list, sign up here to get updates on upcoming slams and other projects we’re brewing. Then click around the website to see photos, watch videos, and get some tips for the story YOU might share on the Truth Be Told stage.

Hope to see you at the next slam!
Johanna and Nina



February 12: All-Star Grand Slam at The Dairy Arts Center THEME: BROKE
April 23: at Shine THEME: TRIP
June 18: at The Dairy Arts Center THEME: GAME
September 10: at Shine THEME: FALL
October 29: at The Dairy Arts Center THEME: TRICK OR TREAT
December 17: at Shine THEME: NEMESIS

Themes subject to change! 

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Zachary Waddell “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot”

Zachary tells a story about how he answered a craigslist ad from a woman looking for a driving partner to California. Add in some adderol and an unexpected surprise with a total stranger and you have the 2nd place winning story from June’s story slam.

The theme of the slam was “GAME”. 

Jay Waddell “Daffy the Great”

As a wrestling coach, Jay impacts the life of one of the wrestlers. His story reminds us to never underestimate the power of encouragement.

The theme of the slam was GAME.

David Roe “Possum Story”

You’ll have to hear this story to learn whether it’s about a skunk, a possum, David’s brother, or his life.  

David shared his story at the June story slam at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder. 

The theme of the slam was “GAME”.

Laura Deal “Diffendaffer”

It’s all a game that Laura Deal can’t seem to stop playing, all in the name of her love of sharing stories. Hear her version of a game she’s been playing for more than 30 years, as she told it at the story slam in June’s story slam.

The theme of the slam was “GAME”.

Adam Hosein “Seriously”

Adam Hosein was a very serious 13 year old kid.  Listen to his story about playing a game of chess, and one game in particular that taught him an important life lesson. 

The theme of the slam was “GAME”. 

Erin Rollman “The Bocce Ball Incident”

A bocce ball left unattended found by security in Turkey caused an uproar with the bomb squad. Erin Rollman was one of three featured storytellers at Truth Be Told’s June story slam at the Dairy Arts Center where she shared her story “The Bocce Ball Incident”.

The theme for the slam was “GAME”.

Mark Zoole “Courage”

The 2nd place winner at April’s slam was Mark Zoole.

Mark told a story about the time he saw the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen in the mailroom of his student dormitory when he was 19. She got away….or did she?

The theme of the slam was “TRIP”. 

Laura Deal “Tour of Duty”

Laura and her fiance were driving in an ice storm on I-80 to meet her fiance’s family, when they had 2 near misses with another car. She received bulky LL Bean boots and a bubble pendant as gifts.

The theme of the slam was “TRIP”. 


Jordan Rukin Forer “The Day I Died Inside”

The (youngest) winner from April’s story slam was Jordan Rukin-Forer.  

The theme for the night was TRIP. 

When he was 7 years old, after pestering his mother at a party she was throwing, he was told he had to pack for a few years of boot camp.

DJ Hamilton “Combustible Life”

Knowledge of the science behind fire is helpful. DJ Hamilton shares his story of his experience with combustion in “Combustible Life” at Truth Be Told’s December 2016 story slam at the Dairy Arts Center.

The theme for the night was FLAME.


Ted Weaver “Zoo Bar”

You do something, it works out, then you wing it.  That’s what Ted Weaver’s story “Zoo Bar” is about. He shared it at Truth Be Told’s December 2016 story slam. 

The theme for the night was FLAME. 

Ronica Roth – Medicating with Flame

Ronica Roth draws from her training as a Burning Man ranger in her story “Mediating with Flame” during the Truth be Told Story Slam in December 2016.

The theme for the night was FLAME.