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Here’s how it works:

We give you the theme. You bring a story. Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart. Put your name in the hat if you have a story. If your name gets picked, you come to the stage to tell a story. We can’t wait to hear your story!

Truth Be Told began in February of 2013. We started it because we wanted to create an ongoing performance series in Boulder that features great stories well-told. We also wanted to build a community of fellow storytellers and story lovers to help bring more stories into the world and onto the stage.

So, welcome to the community! We’re excited to meet you. If you’re not already on the mailing list, sign up here to get updates on upcoming slams and other projects we’re brewing. Then click around the website to see photos, watch videos, and get some tips for the story YOU might share on the Truth Be Told stage.

Hope to see you at the next slam!
Johanna and Nina



March 3: All-Star Grand Slam at The Dairy Arts Center THEME: TBD

Themes subject to change! 

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Chris Brown “Saved by the cough”

As a teenager, Chris Brown was obsessed with a band he wanted to go see. He bought tickets to a concert in Colorado Springs and asked his brother to drive him.

Even coming down with the flu didn’t stop Chris from attending this concert. Listen here to find out how he and his brother made it home from that concert on dangerous, snowy roads.

The theme of the night was BAND.

Andrew Newman “Dad’s rock”

Andrew Newman shares a story about a man and a father who want to change the world. 

The theme of the night was BAND.

Teddi Rachlin “Pregnant in a NYC biker bar”

First time TBT story slammer Teddi Rachlin shares her story about her childhood fascination and love for microphones in her quest to be a musician.
Listen to Teddi talk about the twists and turns her life took that guided her back to a microphone over and over again.

The theme of the night was BAND.

Jeff Marsh “Four vignettes about wedding bands and engagement rings”

Jeff Marsh won second place during December’s story slam with his poignant story about wedding bands and engagement rings that have a long, loving history in his family.

The theme of the night was BAND.

Amir Cohen “Commune surprise”

Amir Cohen shares his story about the free and spirited time he lived on a commune in California.
Sit down to hear him share about the surprise phone call he received six years ago that changed his entire view on family.
The theme of the night was FLUSH.


November 2018 photos–FIRE

Check out the photos from the November 2018 slam

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Sunday, March 3


Doors open 6:00pm
show starts at 7pm


Dairy Arts Center



Bringing back all the winners from 2018!

Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart.