Welcome to the Truth Be Told website, where you can find information about our bi-monthly (that means every other month) story slam in Boulder, Colorado — as well as storytelling tips, photos, videosworkshops and coaching.

Here’s how it works:

We give you the theme. You bring a story. Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart. Put your name in the hat if you have a story. If your name gets picked, you come to the stage to tell a story. We can’t wait to hear your story!

Truth Be Told began in February of 2013. We started it because we wanted to create an ongoing performance series in Boulder that features great stories well-told. We also wanted to build a community of fellow storytellers and story lovers to help bring more stories into the world and onto the stage.

So, welcome to the community! We’re excited to meet you. If you’re not already on the mailing list, sign up here to get updates on upcoming slams and other projects we’re brewing. Then click around the website to see photos, watch videos, and get some tips for the story YOU might share on the Truth Be Told stage.

Hope to see you at the next slam!
Johanna and Nina



February 25: All-Star Grand Slam at The Dairy Arts Center THEME: BLUE

April 22: Decadent Saints Winery, THEME: DIRT

June 24: The Dairy Arts Center, THEME: PITCH

September 9: The Dairy Arts Center, THEME: FLUSH

Nov 11: Cafe Aion, THEME: FIRE

Dec 9: Cafe Aion, THEME: BAND

Themes subject to change! 

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Amanda McCracken “Fisting”

Amanda McCracken shares a story about an experience using the bathroom of a man she had a crush on. You will want to hear how she explains her preparation for her ‘business’ and what happened after she flushed.  Tune in to hear the life lesson she learned that night. 

The theme of the night was FLUSH.

November 2018 photos–FIRE

Check out the photos from the November 2018 slam

December 2018 Story Slam


 Next Story Slam!


Sunday, February TBD


Doors open 6:00pm
show starts at 7pm


Location: TBD


We give you the theme.

You bring a story.

Five minutes tops. Must be true. Told by heart.