Storytelling Workshop

Ever imagined telling a story
on stage at the story slam?

But you sit in the audience every time, making sure your hand doesn’t get anywhere near THE DREADED HAT.

The stage feels like it’s a million miles away. It’s big and scary. All those people. The lights. The moat you have to cross to get to the stage. Those dragons. Yikes.

Or maybe you’ve told a story and it fell flat. Didn’t quite land. Or the timer and the blowhorn kicked you off the stage. Or you just want to tweak that pretty good story to make it awesome.

You’re in luck.
I’ve got just the ticket:

A storytelling workshop led by Johanna Walker, public speaking coach, storytelling expert and host of Boulder’s Story Slam, to get your story out of your back pocket and ready for the stage.

You’ll get all my best storytelling secrets, and you’ll walk away ready to PUT YOUR NAME IN THE HAT (maybe still shaking in your boots, but at least a little more ready)

Yes. On stage at Boulder’s Story Slam

I’ll show you how to structure your story so it feels easy & natural to tell.

You’ll have a clear format to help you stay within the time limit and keep your audience engaged.

Not only keep them engaged — I’ll show you how to knock their socks off.

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